I produce and direct music videos for professionals and for students.  I also have experience with DSLR cinematography and editing (Final Cut Pro), but now I collaborate with other artists on larger scale projects.


With a BA in Theatre Studies and a BA in Film & Video Studies from George Mason University, I have been referred to as a “Renaissance Artist.”  For many years I worked professionally on stage and on screen as a producer, director, writer, cinematographer, and editor.  While drums, and teaching drums, has always been my most passionate field, further artistic exploration lead me to filming music videos as a solid “second choice.”  My demo reel is pretty diverse and I recommend checking it out!

Below are some sample music videos.  Please be aware that some videos involve adult language.  

The following video is a sequel to “Dreamin” by The Please Please Me, selected in 2015’s Austin Music Video Festival.

Here’s another video with The Please Please Me.

The following video was done on an incredibly low budget, shot in just two hours with Lauren Silva.

Here’s another video with Lauren Silva.

The following video was shot in one hour, a favor to Vana Mazi.

The following video was shot in one silly evening, again with The Please Please Me.


With a BA in Theatre Studies and a BA in Film & Video Studies from George Mason University, I occasionally teach classes in other subjects.  However, in all my classes, music plays a large role, but most obviously in my “How To Make A Music Video” class.  I have made music videos in as short as a one day workshop or one week camp and in as long as one fall or spring semester.  The music videos always focus on an original song created by the students either before they meet me Day One of class or that they compose and record during our classes.  The class can be taught anywhere, from an after school Boys & Girls Club to your home.  Check out this video here that my students made in just a few classes at Burnet Middle School and featured at the 2015 Creative Action Youth Arts Festival.

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