With a BA in Theatre Studies and a BA in Film & Video Studies from George Mason University, I have been referred to as a “Renaissance Artist.”  For many years I worked professionally on stage and on screen as a producer, director, writer, cinematographer, and editor, but now I focus those skills more on music video producing and directing.  While drums, and teaching drums, has always been my most passionate field, further artistic exploration lead me to also composing film scores as a hobby.  My demo reel is pretty diverse and I recommend checking it out!

Please take a listen to my latest work, the original percussion score to THE LONG-TERM SIDE EFFECT, feature film recently nominated for BEST FILM, BEST DIRECTOR, and BEST SCREENPLAY by IndieCaptiol Awards, on CDBaby!  I’ve also recorded the music to Little Brat (short film, score featuring piano), Unopened (short film, score featuring piano), and Selling Knives to Jesus (short film, score featuring percussion) all with LIV creations.

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